A Forum Freebie

ImageBilled as a ‘follow up freebie to unfest’ we went along to Tunbridge Wells Forum last night – to see four acts for free. First on was Hey Zeus, who has recently returned to Tunbridge Wells after busking around the world. He has been playing a lot locally since his return, and is organising weekly Sunday evenings of music in Pitcher and Piano.ImageNext on were local band ‘Cities’ who were a last minute addition after their gig in King’s Lynn didn’t happen. The lead singer worked really hard to motivate the small audience, and I do like ‘Cities’ – so good to see them again without having to pay! (Epic drumming)ImageThe third band were the tour support – ‘Fizzy Blood’ – who displayed their band name on a fetching scarf, hung on the speakers. Their last song, their new single ‘January Sun’ was really good, but unfortunately the rest of the time I felt the only thing missing from their songs was the kitchen sink… an attempt at times to get too many different ideas into one song. But the single is being played on Radio One BBC Introducing on Sunday 8th June, so worth listening out for them.ImageI’m still listening to headliners ‘allusondrugs’ on soundcloud, recorded they are pretty good, but live they were incredible. Maybe aided or hampered by the Red Stripe on their rider, they put in an incredibly energetic (and hot) performance, using both floor and stage space. Within about ten seconds of the end of the set, the lead singer was back in the audience selling CDs and tshirts. If you like Nirvana, and enthusiastic band performances, try and see them next time they venture forth from Castleford.


Fizzy Blood


Hey Zeus


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