New start.


I was trying to upload this photo the other day, and couldn’t work out why it didn’t come up. I thought it was just a wordpress glitch. However, after further attempts today, a search revealed I was up to my photo limit on my first, original, blog (“These memories which..”) but I could pay to add more. I don’t mind the time that I put into writing a blog, but I’m not going to start paying for something that is often to promote the efforts of others! But it turns out, you can just start a new blog, with a new template, so sorry to everyone who was following the old blog – but this seems the best option to me.

When I started the other blog it was mainly about history, but it’s very obviously evolved during that time. Here, I will carry on with news and views on events and goings on around Tunbridge Wells. I’ll still use the old blog for anything that doesn’t need a photo!

As for this photo – last weekend we spent a very sunny time camping in a field for a 50th birthday party involving music, drink, food and charitable donations. It was a real chill out time, without feeling I needed to take photos to put into a blog! So, in a way, quite a good time for a week off blogging and a quick life review.

Link to old blog


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