Local and Live Electric


It’s now nine weeks until the August Bank Holiday weekend, when Tunbridge Wells will be full of the Local and Live festival.

Last night saw the monthly Local and Live Electric night in The Forum, and this one was a real foot-stomper! First on were four piece Eden, who coped well with a broken guitar string…


Then some funky rock from Storm Engine, whose last song featured the very interesting instrument – The Chapman Bass Stick… (not in the photo though, sorry – google it!)


More funky foot-tapping from Creatures of Habit – but calls for an encore meant they needed to replay ‘Run Rabbit’ as their set had included every song they currently play – More New Songs Please!!


Headlining were The Orange Circus, whose version of ‘Raise a Ruckus’ included a story from Granny Alice about making stills back home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, singer Flash Hearth in the audience encouraging everyone to foot-stomp, and guitarist Shep admitting they were encouraged to try and out-perform Creatures of Habit after the ‘Run Rabbit’ encore. By the time of the Orange Circus’ encore, the floor was full of attempts at barn dancing! Granny Alice had a dance as well, and we all reckon if Granny Alice can get down and dance at The Forum, anyone can!

Local and Live Electric continues on a monthly basis, with The Forum taking on a night-time role during the August Festival. The main day-time events in August will be in Calverley Grounds, with many fringe events around the town. Full details on the website – including information on sponsorship, and becoming an Angel.


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