AVP Goes Dotty


Postponed by a week due to an England World Cup match, tonight saw Acoustic Valium Project (AVP) host an Open Mic night in The Wells Kitchen. The event was raising money for Demelza Hospice, and was part of a week of ‘Go Dotty’ fund-raising events. Altogether two hours of live music, for what ever donation you wanted to put in the bucket. Delights included Alice Rose Barnard (above)


James and Sam (James apparently busked for an hour today to earn the money to buy his jacket)


around the world busker Jamie ‘Hey Zeus’ Andrews


and the evening finished with Chris James who: 1. played the guitar upside down, 2. I mistook for someone else, 3. I remember now we saw him in The Bedford at another Open Mic . Others who played: David Warren, Milly Rusling, David Foster-Smith, Katie Jane and Roger (Freedom Leveller). As always, well done Dan Littlechild for putting on another fund-raiser, and there should be more Wells Kitchen nights from now on. A great atmosphere, with a time for catch-up-chats between acts.


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