Muzivo and the Hop Farm

There are quite a few people I know locally, who I have met through twitter. One of these is Georgina Thomas. One of many musical things that Georgina is involved in is the Muzivo phone app, and from that a competition for Muzivo artists – for an opening spot at the Hop Farm Music Festival in July. The competition final was held in The Forum on Saturday afternoon, with four industry judges assessing which of the artists would be best suited for the festival gig.


First band on were Ed Jones and the Diamond Cuts (above)


then Lee Willz (above) followed by Standard Lamps. Circumstances then meant I went out into the Forum garden for a chat, and while we could hear the music we couldn’t see who was on! I think I must have missed Nate Maingard, who we then met and chatted with in the garden, and Patrick McCallion. But the sounds that followed pulled me back inside to watch…


and this was the band Ordinary Noise. The singer has a really interesting voice, and on watching – the drummer also plays sax, and they have an additional cellist band member, and have a bit of that ‘indie surf’ sound about them … they were followed by


Jolanga (above), Bryony Brooke, The Actions and Josh Renton Band.

So, while I am a fan of the first three, local, acts, I’m quite pleased that “the band that pulled me in from the garden”,


Ordinary Noise, were announced as the winners by the judges. Ordinary Noise hail from Colchester, and have so far received praise from BBC6music and poet John Cooper Clarke.

It was a good afternoon, almost a mini festival (it clashed with Glastonbury, but I’m sure we were all having more fun!), it was well organised, and are we pushing it too much to ask Muzivo to do another one next year? Like unfest, it was a chance to hear some new acts from out of the area, and the £3 entry fee… well, round here that’s nearly the cost of a cappuccino these days… Talking of which… when is The Forum getting a coffee machine for these daytime events?




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