Looking ahead to Christmas 2014

On a balmy July evening a, very varied, group of people met in The Cross Keys pub, to sing a Christmas song. Some might find them barmy rather than balmy, but good things come to those who wait, and the majority of you will need to wait til November to find out the results.
DSCN1352The idea started as rather an impulse at the beginning of May this year. I was a bit busy at the time, so although I was aware of messages darting about in a facebook group, I didn’t really catch up on the whole story until last night.
DSCN1359Singer/songwriter James Morris had written the Christmas song a few years ago, in an attempt to recapture the hey days of 1970s Christmas singles, when winter was always white and incredibly magical. James offered the single to Dan of Acoustic Valium Project, with the idea that a group, a la Band Aid, of AVP musicians could record it to raise funds to keep AVP, literally, on the road. However, charity minded Dan decided the single should go ahead, but with funds going to Taylor Made Dreams (see this blog from May unfest).
DSCN1368Since May lots of people have got involved, offering everything from studio time to graphic design. Although several of the musical artists already knew each other through AVP, last night was their first chance to get together, and sing through the song several times, trying out different ideas with harmonies and background instruments. Barracks recording studio is booked for a weekend in September, and producer Simon Scardanelli is adding his years of expertise. The rest of the Christmas story you will need to wait for, because I think this idea may just snow-ball…. DSCN1350(Excuse the puns in this post, I think some-one had a box of Christmas crackers handy at The Cross Keys last night!)


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