End of term, Summer Sale

I was alerted to this post on facebook last week:

“This weekend at TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM // http://www.twforum.co.uk
Which show to choose: The Xcerts? Elephantis? Death and the Penguin?
Why not all three?

Its a 3 for 1 deal! Buy a ticket online to any one show for this Fri, Sat or Mon and get into the other two shows for FREE! Just like us on Facebook (if you don’t already), bring along a print out of your e-ticket and we will let you in with a smile.

“Thats crazy!” I hear you say? Well…frankly it is a bit…

Don’t miss out on some fun at your local music venue!”

It seemed unlikely I’d have time for Friday’s gig, but decided – nothing else on, let’s get tickets for Saturday, and hope to get to Monday, and maybe some of Friday.

Tickets bought online and e-ticket printed off from email. Simple.

So, yes, failed on Friday, children and thunder storms got in the way, but I heard it was good.

Saturday, it’s been a very hot, sticky day, despite three storms on the previous days. We made sure we arrived in time for first band ‘No Truth With Kings’, partly as this is the only band over the two days that features a female – there is a young lady on bass. (The lack of females playing electric guitar, bass and drums is a gripe that can be found in another blog somewhere.)


Second band ‘In Arms’  (above) (from Sheffield, and without anywhere to stay the night) confirmed we were probably in for an evening of very short sets of hardcore rock. But I did learn something else…



Headliners ‘Elephantis’ (who don’t keep still) used a mixture of harsh and clean vocals – harsh being, what in our house, is termed ‘screaming’, and clean being… normal singing. But thanks to Andy, the Forum’s soundman, for giving me the proper terms! Angus, on the floor, sings harsh vocals while bassist Luke, on the stage, sings clean vocals and jumps around alot.

But we did enjoy them, and we bought some merchandise, as, yet again, felt a bit sorry for them all, that more people hadn’t come to see them.

Monday night is generally a tough one for getting people out of houses – but if you were one of the few that made it, hopefully you enjoyed the excellent ‘How’s Harry’ – going to keep an eye and an ear out for them in the future,


‘Speaking in Italics’ (above)


and the bow-tied headliners ‘Death and the Penguin’ – who don’t make quite the sort of music you’d expect gents in bow-ties to make – but were brilliant – but didn’t have any merch for sale. Unless they hid it in their bow-tie bags… It might also be noted how much the members of ‘How’s Harry’ seemed to be enjoying the performance by ‘DATP’ – and possibly picking up some tips and ideas for themselves.

There’s a little point to muse on, if you don’t want to wonder where the other female performers are…

Next gig at TW Forum will be Local and Live Electric Sessions, Saturday 2nd August, it’s only £4 for an advance ticket – if you are in the area – buy one (or two) and see what you discover… Hopefully you will also be greeted with a smile…




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