July Sessions


Front row seats at Trinity Theatre on Saturday night for Local and Live Sessions


the last sessions before the August Bank Holiday Local and Live Festival, with opening act Lily Denning (not pictured) and band giving a very professional performance.


Here are Wheels, on stage, joined for some songs by Poppy and Caylee. Lead singer Alex Lindsay did venture into the audience, stand on the seats, light a sparkler on the end of his guitar, drop the sparkler, and there was some general Wheels guitar action…



While things might have been less dramatic during Standard Lamps set


they still included several classic ‘live music moments’


but at least Mike’s harmonica didn’t end up in the audience….

But here is the very essence of the whole thing, it’s live music by local musicians, and what happened on Saturday night will never be replicated…

To ensure the future of Local and Live events, including the weekend festival, requires a little help in terms of funding, so if you can afford to donate, or buy a guitar raffle ticket


check out details on the website: Local and Live 2014 The guitar will be signed by all the acts performing (400 – on one guitar?) and the raffle drawn at the end of the weekend – August 22nd – 25th.


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