Mr and Mrs Papercuts


Currently on show in Trinity Gallery is a room full of local (Tunbridge Wells) pictures. But more than pictures, they are all ‘papercuts’ – pictures lovingly made by cutting tiny sections of paper away – bricks, paned windows, roofs, leaves, branches, and also words, as each place around the town has a short poetic piece included. As a very impatient person myself, I have deep respect for the time Chris Pope and Helen Lawn (Mr and Mrs Papercuts) have put into the work, especially after following their trials and errors of framing the work via their facebook page.

The show is on until August 10th, and the Private View last night saw a busking performance by the Standard Lamps


and a solo from Steve Spall


so, while you may have missed these one-offs, make sure you view the one-offs in the Gallery during the next week, and keep an eye out for what Mr and Mrs Papercuts get up to next….

Not just on facebook… find them also on twitter and at their website


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