Ugly Love headline The Forum!


It’s taken a day to get over this, very hot, event. Having interviewed lead singer, Tom Adolph, a month ago for Town Crier magazine, I wasn’t going to miss the gig, not only that, we ended up escorting 3 under-18s and buying them cans of coke from the bar, and bits from the Merch Desk all evening…

First on was Mitch Emery who was very popular with the audience. Then Sappy a lively three piece who win points because 1) it was boiling hot and the lead singer wore a jumper the whole time 2) they rummaged all the way through their merch- bag of t-shirts to find a size small for my daughter. By now it was incredibly hot, and although not at full capacity, I think if anyone else had entered the Forum we’d all have boiled. I feel a few people missed alot of Rory Indiana having gone outside into the rain to cool down. A pity, as Rory Indiana were very enjoyable.

Everyone was now gathering inside waiting for the arrival of Ugly Love – following an impressive drum soundcheck from Sammy. We may not have expected the band to dance on stage to Africa by Toto (although when you watch the Toto video – their drumkit is impressive) – but then you should never really expect anything (like getting the Ugly Love song ‘Listerine’ stuck in your head the following morning) so….


after this: good tunes, audience participation of the highest level, confetti, inflatable toys, the lead singer dying (no, not really),  new tunes and finally:


audience on stage, Anti Nowhere League guitarist Tom (Hunt) joining Kit, Josh and Sammy on stage, Tom (Adolph) in the audience, everyone sitting down, everyone jumping up, and from all the comments on facebook yesterday, a general feeling of a good time had by all.

Ugly Love aren’t going to play live for a while now, so I promise I won’t go on about them anymore, and concentrate on more grown up Forum matters like Local & Live, The Smyths and Bad Rabbits. But, if anyone wants to bring along an inflatable dinosaur… it does add something to the evening….



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