National Play Day

playday table 2014

Wednesday 6th August was National Play Day – an event supported by Kent High Weald Partnership who hold a play day each year in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park

FIT playday 2014

As the park has a protected King George V playing field, the Friends group use this day to also be their ‘Have a Field Day’ and apply for our Fields in TrustGoodie Box. For the third year running this was a wonderful treasure trove when it arrived. We shall own up now to saving the Union Jack bunting for next year’s Family Fun Day. We are always too busy that day to organise games, but the bunting will add colour to our general information gazebo next May.


The Play Day gives us more time to plan activities, as we are a small part, rather than the main organiser, so we constructed two trails, and everyone bringing back a completed form (and their crayons) received a medal, or other FIT goodie, and a FoGH badge. It was a busy day, despite a rainy start, and about 40 children (and parents) hunted around the playing fields and woodland edges, looking for various items. The medals and kites were really popular, and we had some disappointed faces when we were left with just sashes and badges!

IMG_8455 Fellow FoGH member, and KHWP volunteer, Chris Hughes, had his camera, and managed to get a photo of me (yes – me – in a photo!) helping play the parachute and ball game with assorted parents, carers and children. You also get a view of the other events going on – story telling, face painting, crafts, willow weaving, football, hula hooping, giant jenga, tug of war, and in the woods – fire and camp making.

playday 14

Luckily the only rain was before the event started, so the wellies weren’t really needed, and everyone had a good time, regardless of age. The coffee cups were also a very important part of the day – with Donald of KHWP keeping everyone topped up during the day! More fun than sitting in a posh coffee shop!


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