A brilliant show

Support: Astroid Boys + MassMatiks + Skies


It was a while ago when TW Forum facebook page shared the event that happened last night. I’d never heard of Bad Rabbits before that point, but I clicked on the video link and loved them from the start. So much so that their song ‘We can roll’ became a tune I wanted to listen to at the end of a bad day to exorcise the demons away! If you don’t know anything about them, they come from Boston, Massachusetts, they have been part of Vans Warped Tour, made an album, and are described as ‘funk rock’.

Two of the support acts, Skies and MassMatiks we had heard before, and of these I do like MassMatiks….. although….. they did keep saying ‘Hello Tonbridge’ ‘How are you Tonbridge?’ and I’m glad they didn’t travel by train from Guildford, or they would have bought a ticket and ended up in the wrong town 😉 They have great energy, and interesting song lyrics, mainly based on being young men in Guildford (I think).

Astroid Boys were interesting. I couldn’t really hear what their lyrics were, although I did catch the word ‘Slipknot’ at the start of one rap. However, they were an entertaining type of interesting, and any band that has to assemble their DJ decks/computer stuff out in the garden and carry it in, and up onto the stage; they win a prize. Plus, I’ve listened to them today on bandcamp, where there is a much better chance of hearing the lyrics. They didn’t call us Tonbridge, and they told us about Cardiff, and their substitute band member. So, a ‘wouldn’t mind seeing them again’ as opposed to a ‘would cross the street to avoid them’ vote out of 10.

Bad Rabbits literally ‘put on a show’ (see Jason’s views on shows here ) They entered dramatically with ‘We can roll’ and encouraged great audience participation throughout – by the end only a few people weren’t dancing (where were their souls?) – and an encore ended their last UK gig (although they are now at Bestival) for now.

I have said before, it’s all very well writing some amazing thought pro-founding lyrics, incredible tunes, and having the best voice in the world, but at the end of the night – the most enjoyable live performances are PERFORMANCES.

Photo is of Bad Rabbits


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