September ‘Black Friday’


A new venture at Tunbridge Wells Forum ‘Black Friday’ bringing up and coming metal bands together for an evening. Pictured above ‘The Raven Age’ from London, who describe themselves as melodic.


Also very energetic! View in concert in Milton Keynes


Next on were four piece ‘Neverstar’ listen to them here: Lose Control


Headliners were ‘Kickfist’ from Brighton.


They say they are “a no compromise, unrelenting metal monster!” You can hear them here: YouTube  (not for those easily offended) and I just decided to admire their complete and utter devotion to doing and being what they wanted. Including a cover of Prodigy Firestarter


It was quite amusing, after the letter sent to the local paper last week from a local resident who felt ‘intimidated’ to walk past The Forum, to have on three bands that were the sort he probably would feel intimidated by, unlike some acts coming up (Miles Hunt from The Wonder Stuff, a Cuban band, John Otway, blues singer Dona Oxford…) However, no worries, the audience were all just enjoying the music, and, while we were hanging around the lobby, the lead singer of Kickfist stopped to ask us if we thought it had all sounded Ok. ‘What a pleasant chap!’ as we like to say in Royal Tunbridge Wells. No antisocial behaviour, but alot of conkers have fallen off the tree outside.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells



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