This week in the Wells


The week got off to a fiery start – and was a mix of sunshine, showers and wind. The events I went to were a bit of a mix as well.

On Wednesday night we went to TW Forum to see the Big Cheese Tour with Allusondrugs, Lonely the Brave and Marmozets. I had conducted a email interview with Will from Marmozets for Blam! and he said ‘no phones’ so I decided to have a camera free evening. We stood in the middle, just far enough away from the mosh-pit! It was a great evening, good to see Allusondrugs again, and Marmozets are a powerful band – encouraging lots of audience participation. Lonely the Brave are very skilled musicians, but I think they were a little out of place, wedged between the energy of the other two bands. However, the place was heaving, hot and happy.

A stormy Friday night saw a group of us from Writers Group in Trinity Theatre, trying not to muse too much on being in a former church on a scary evening, to watch Victorian ghost stories. “Still The Beating of My Heart” from Theatrical Niche gave us three actors, a basic stage setting and five tales – “Number 13” (mysterious) “The Cold Embrace” (sinister) “The Monkey’s Paw” (sad) “The Raven” (bizarre) “The Judge’s House” (terrifying). There was a linking story that the actors were in a rehearsal, with dodgy lighting effects (but I won’t reveal the twist on that story) – there were sound effects, and we aren’t sure if the thunder was one, or came from outside… It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and has given us extra inspiration for our own Fright Night stories.


Saturday night we were booked to have dinner with friends, but other friends encouraged us to stop by TW Forum afterwards to hear Reeves Gabrels and his Imaginary Fr13nds. Excellent guitar playing, but Reeves has played with David Bowie and The Cure, so that was probably to be expected. The Cure coming to watch was a little unexpected, and while reading about the band found out that Cure bassist Simon Gallup is father to a local guitarist Eden – from last night’s support band Violet Vendetta and a band we have seen a couple of times In Tyler We Trust , so can see why The Cure had come to support. While it was quite thrilling to stand next to Robert Smith, I do try and remind myself that we are all human beings, and being near him should have no more importance than mixing with the local musicians who were there…


Today’s TW Forum facebook post is “you never know who you’ll bump into here” … as we watched Robert Smith and the other band members leave and set out across The Common to the car park, we wondered if anyone else was going to bump into them.

In between nights out I have been pounding the streets of Tunbridge Wells delivering paper copies of Blam! fanzine to pubs, cafes and music shops, and catching up with some great local independent retailers! If you want a quick check at what’s coming up at TW Forum look here, but if you spot a paper copy of Blam! please have a read and let us know what you think….


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