A pitiful lack of blogging, it is nearly two weeks since the last one here. They used to be daily. However my teenage children said I must write about ashestoangels and I feel it I don’t write now I will never write again.


So, last Sunday, they headed to TW Forum with their friends, and we followed half an hour behind as escorts. But what a terrific night. I had been made to listen to Ashestoangels on spotify and YouTube at every available Mother and Child meet-up.. and I wasn’t over impressed. I had even labelled them ‘the sort of band you expect to see in the Forum’. But live they were incredible, so much energy and crowd control. The support bands were good, but Ashestoangels had that word that I’ve heard others use: tight. There was no doubt, no hesitation, just a full on show. Afterwards, when an older person may have sat on a sofa for five minutes for a rest, they were at the merch desk in about ten seconds, rummaging through the Sports Direct bags for small tshirts, and borrowing my pen (Can I have it back at the end of the tour please?)


Well done support acts, First and Foremost (pictured) and Sappy.

Onto support acts then, which is what Mr Social Media was on Thursday. It’s been a very family orientated time around The Forum This Week. Thursday saw the return of the lovely Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls, and in support this time we had Little Fish and Ukelear Fallout, but as Miles had a stinking cold he went on second, leaving the ukuleles to follow behind.


Tissues and drink merely for medicinal purposes. Miles and Erica manned their own merch desk too, but a little more laid back than Ashestoangels. If you get a chance to buy his CD with acoustic songs and tales of the past, it’s very entertaining on a first listen. I need to remember the cake next time he gigs.


I followed Ukelear Fallout from load-in (carrying everything in the drizzle and dusk from car parked on road, across the Common to back door) to soundcheck ( 12 musicians/singers and alot of leads, about an hour of work) to supper (most had come straight from work so had to buy a dinner in the pub) to anticipation (being on last was stressful for a few) to gig (all went well) to after show party (we retired to The Sussex Arms). Next time you go to a gig, remember these things. At least they all live locally and didn’t need to find a bed for the night….

I don’t have a photo for Friday, so just have one of the soundcheck for now…


Friday night at The Forum was Doña Oxford supported by Standard Lamps. It was also a birthday party for Mike from The Lamps… but even if it wasn’t it was another evening that would have blown you away (unless you are reading this and you were there). Doña is a terrific live performer, and there’s not alot more to say… except she walked off stage into the audience to shake hands, and hung around for a long time afterwards chatting.

If it was time for a facebook status: “feeling blessed”, spent the last week amongst some very nice people, and saw and heard some very nice music. If it was time for a twitter hashtag: #Varied

If it was an advert: You Missed Out This Week? Make sure you check what is coming up between now and 2015


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