Halloween week


Halloween started on Tuesday 28th October with Tunbridge Wells Writers ‘Fright Night’ (with cake). We met at Saint John’s Yard, and about thirteen of us had managed to write short stories on a spooky, frightening, spine tingling theme, which we took turns to read (in the dark) as well as sampling some cake from @KatAdventuring and wonder what was happening at the other table


On actual Halloween, I spent the afternoon in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park helping at the party for local children, with assorted craft activities and nature trails. The children had fun, despite some people’s reservations that Halloween is a time of devil worship, it’s also part of harvest/autumn and looking towards winter.


The evening at The Forum was adults only however, with bodies hanging from the ceiling, and wild fancy dress. Eleven bands played throughout the evening on two stages, and quite a variety of music as well.

Also during the week I had visited British Museum and seen the ‘Witches and Wicked Bodies’ print exhibition. Starting back in Greek Mythology, and through witch hunts and Macbeth, it was interesting. It almost confirmed the idea that unexplained events have always been tried to be explained…. from ship-wrecks to dead-babies, it seems you could blame a mythical being, not nature… Now I know why witches fly; and I’m not telling…





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