Sarah Tonin album launch

If you are going to launch your album, and decide to have a strobe light show while in The Forum, try not to be too surprised that there are not very many photos of your band. In fact I managed none – took twenty and everyone of them too dark.
Starting the evening were Creatures of Habit, with a couple of new songs.

Then Wheels – also with some new songs –
Not wishing to headline Sarah Tonin went third, so they could party after their set.
Finishing the evening was Code Marla with Millie Davies on vocals, and a guest appearance from Frances Yonge.

It was a really good evening of music, by some talented local people, and in good company amongst the audience. The evenings are getting darker, colder, and wetter (and also last night – windier) – but it’s good to keep a festival vibe going during the winter! There are several more local evenings coming up at The Forum – so grab a coat and a brolly and head out, you might catch something new and a bit different.



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