Showcase (Number one)

It’s been a couple of months in the gathering of acts, but last night the first Showcase started at Tunbridge Wells Forum. The Forum will ‘showcase’ four acts regularly on Thursday evenings, offering them support and advice. On the 25th night, bands who have worked hard will be invited back again.

I’ve been watching through the past two weeks, and all the acts last night had done well in terms of twitter and facebook promotion. The basis of the evening is the band who brings the biggest audience plays last, and receives more money (see full details on tumblr link above).


First on was the only solo act, Tunbridge Wells’ Martin Stenning, normally seen these days with his band The Floodgates. Martin played a good set to the early crowd, including some new songs.


Second were Witches Lane – confusingly being a three piece (just for the evening?) but their sound really seems to be developing, and was a good rocking set.


Bringing with them a large crowd from Hastings were The Kid Kapichi Great name, but I keep spelling it wrong…. However, it’s one like Sleaford Mods that gets you a twitter name not needing extra characters, underscores or the addition of UK, when you find out 10 other bands have the same name…. They are popular in Hastings, also gigged in London, and supported Skunk Anansie in Nottingham, but was the first time they had played in TW Forum, showing the chances that signing up to Showcase offers.


The final band were from Battle – Follow a great young band, with what seemed to be a very keen ‘following’ :


I think there will be a few photos of them on mobile phones today…

A good evening, showing what a local music venue can offer bands, which you may not get in the corner of a pub on an open mic night… With the run up to Christmas now on it might be a while til Showcase Number Two, but if you are in a band, why not sign up and give it a go? If you are an audience – come along and see what you can discover – it could be your next favourite band!


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