Lamps, Slaves and toilets.

I spent yesterday afternoon in Tunbridge Wells Forum with Standard Lamps and Ian Palmer from BBC South East Today. I had sort of secured my place at the back of the nearly deserted venue, due to about two months ago offered to help run their twitter account. That hadn’t been a rash decision, as we had discussed it for about four months before hand. I was also hanging around trying to get enough information to write a January article for Town Crier magazine.

Ian spent well over an hour at the venue, filming and interviewing, for a two minute section on last night’s news. I could never be that strict with my editing!! There was enough chat to make a half hour documentary.

Why were Standard lamps being interviewed? Well, they are mid-way through supporting The Who on their Who Hits 50 Tour. So far they have played Glasgow and Leeds, and had returned south for a ‘break’. Also, to go back to work… it’s a hard life being a young band. Friday night will see them in Nottingham, and Sunday in Birmingham. Luckily they are all enjoying it!
They also coped very well with the late afternoon interview and filming, after a long drive home from Leeds the night before. We hope they have time for some sleep before Friday 12th December when the play The Forum, a gig booked before The Who support was announced.

Running The Forum’s twitter is proving to be quite an experience – all the work that goes on behind the scenes is quite an eye opener to anyone who may just roll up, and home again, to a gig every now and again.
Even a gig organised by a promoter, such as John Otway (above) last Saturday, put on by Mark Southgate, involves work from the venue, although slightly less than their own gig of the likes of Allusondrugs (below) on Tuesday.
Next Tuesday I get to go to the first Venue Day at The Southbank, which should be a real eye-opener to the highs and lows experienced by small venues nationwide. From shuffling support acts, to cleaning the toilets and fixing the hoover, a variety of people behind the scenes can bring you such delights as the just announced Slaves gig. Enjoy.
The toilets are clean!


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