Winter in the park

2014-12-18 14.21.33

We approach the Winter Solstice, and a few days off work, with the news that work has started in the park! Nearly a year after being awarded the Heritage Lottery Grant, things are starting to happen. Firstly there are some boards, telling everyone what is proposed. The majority of work will start in the new year.


This week though, the water level was lowered in the lake, and the ‘Sludge Suckers’ came to start removing the silt from the lake-floor.


The lake is generally quite shallow, but has deeper areas around the drain, and there seems to be a central channel as well. Also revealed were three stone circles – likely to have been the bases for planting of waterlilies in the original design.

2014-12-18 14.56.38

It looks likely that it will take about five days to get the whole base as clear as this first section near the entrance.

Don’t forget further updates from GHParkHLF¬†including what is happening in the skate park and the orchard…


… which is a nicer vision than one of sludge and silt.

With thanks to Adrianat CFP, CPS Water and Mid Kent Fisheries for letting the Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park get close to the lake and take photos.


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