Visit Tunbridge Wells

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Some times you just feel like crying. There are so many people in Tunbridge Wells Borough who love their area and home and communities, and know what’s what – however in re-vamping their tourism website Tunbridge Wells Borough Council seem to have employed someone in Outer Mongolia with access to a directory from two years ago. Visit Tunbridge Wells contains out of date information, and omissions, at times frankly awful copy-writing, but some nice photos (some of those are also out of date). It would seem so obvious to ask a group of locals to double and treble check every detail before going live? I’m personally upset, as our park is still missing, and we asked the council three years ago for it to be added into the search engine of the old site. A shame after the work Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park have put in, and the achievement of gaining the Heritage Lottery Grant for the green space we have.

Visit Tunbridge Wells


3 responses to “Visit Tunbridge Wells

  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. This post is an interesting one for me – i have started up a blog recently called My Tunbridge Wells as I feel there is a gap in information on events, activities and things to do in out beauty town. My blog is more ‘family’ focused so not exactly for everyone. I am actually putting together a post to publish soon about my top parks wit playgrounds to visit and Grosvenor Park will definitely be in there. It’s such a lovely park and ticks so many boxes for people. Keep up the great work on The Forum – have noticed a real increase on engagement and traffic via Twitter. Sorry for rambling…


  2. Just realised it is Grosvenor & Hilbert Park that you are involved with. I have included some of their fab events recently on my blog including the family fun day. I love that it is such a community focused park and they have so many outdoorsy events for kids. When my son gets a bit older I will definitely be sending him along. Do you know when the new playground is scheduled to be finished?

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