The Forum is Twenty-two.

Where to start? With, being too busy to get round to writing a blog? With, having re-read a blog from over two years ago being embarrassed by the content? With, being so involved with both The Forum and local park, that I am only going to write good things about them?

2015-01-23 20.58.03

Friday night was the Birthday Bash for TW Forum, and – can only write good things. The evening started with an incredible upbeat set by Tony O’Malley, with Matt from Standard Lamps drumming (the first time he’d played with Tony) and some brilliant bass playing from Jennifer Maidman. The gig was sold out, and everyone eager for the arrival onstage of The Blockheads.

2015-01-23 22.58.34

Who were quite amazing, with “Derek the Draw” an excellent frontman, in a post quite hard to fill.

2015-01-23 23.01.31

Both band and audience enjoyed themselves. A super birthday party.

Things are going well with Music Venue Trust following on from Venues Day before Christmas, and it’s now Independent Venue Week – so guess where I’ll be?



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