Unfest 2015

Unfest A Free Music Festival filled southern Tunbridge Wells with music last weekend. But music means different things to different people…
Background sounds while meeting up with family and friends in the garden.
2015-05-24 19.04.59
Finding new favourites (Thundernauts)
2015-05-24 13.09.07
Enjoying existing favourites (Dead Ceremony).
2015-05-24 22.44.29
Original music and lyrics (Joeyfat) (Music into art…)
2015-05-24 21.21.21
Dance (Urban Soup).
2015-05-24 12.08.30
Nurturing the future of music (Milly and Max McCarron) as part of The Acoustic Reverb Collective.
2015-05-25 18.38.52
Pure entertainment (Bloco Fogo).
2015-05-23 11.28.46
Passion, fun and sometimes hard-work (every act involved, but this is Ugly Love in the basement of The Sussex Arms).
2015-05-23 19.26.16
For some, it’s the work behind the scenes to ensure everything happens on scene, for everyone else to enjoy. Even when things don’t quite go to plan. Here’s to 2016.
2015-05-24 15.54.34
2015-05-25 20.20.08


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