Ladies Week

2015-06-17 21.33.11
There should be no reason to be excited about this, but, however, there are a lot of Ladies around Tunbridge Wells Forum this week. Wednesday night was Word Up! Poets with headliner Deanna Rodger (no s) Also a young lady called Sarah Mackie won the slam competition (and first time she had read in public). Other people did well too, gender aside.

2015-06-18 19.54.50
Last night Viv Groskop previewed her Edinburgh Show “Say sorry to the lady”. She had been invited by Tunbridge Wells Labour Women’s Forum a fact that surprised Viv – Labour supporters living in Royal Tunbridge Wells? but there are, and enough of them to fill the seats laid out. Viv’s show was funny, although maybe the ‘apologies’ from Tunbridge Wells were a bit exceptional…

2015-06-18 19.32.37
The reason I made an effort to go was for a non-female element – organiser Rosie Mockett had asked David Smith to read a couple of his poems as part of the support for the evening. David did very well, see – you can move on from slam poetry competitions to support acts – just like in the world of music!!

Coming up – Burlesque night, The Acoustic Reverb Collective Showcase, featuring many ladies, and on Sunday, a Glastonbury warm-up for Spanish band Hinds (FKA Deers) (they are four girls).

So, maybe not grab a hat and heels and do as they do at Ascot – but Go Girls!

… and me? Well, there’s this… Blam! online


… and the slightly annoying hovering around 6,555 followers on @twforum

2015-06-18 16.37.10

It was 5,555 just after I took on the bulk of the tweeting, and I’d quite like people to stop unfollowing at the same rate as following – yes, it’s quality not quantity, but, well, followers are nice. Sorry. Now I know what I should have written on my apology slip last night…


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