This year was the fourth time that Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park had joined in with Kent High Weald Partnership and their National Playday, on the first Wednesday in August. It was quite a busy day, as the park playground is in the middle of it’s Heritage Lottery make-over, which is taking a while.
2015-06-13 12.30.54
However, the Playday showed it doesn’t take a big playground to entertain young children. We had our Goodie Box from Fields in Trust, and one activity was seed planting.

2015-08-05 10.45.23
We didn’t realise we were going to be next to the ‘Mud Kitchen’ though, which as a very popular place to make a mess!

2015-08-05 10.41.55
One of our most popular activities was mask colouring, and we also sent children off with crayons to do bark rubbings while on their ‘tree trail’.

2015-08-05 11.06.30

2015-08-05 11.07.06

Lots went bug hunting, and brought back their finds for a photo, before releasing back into the wild.

2015-08-05 10.43.48

Story telling was a quiet way to spend time, away from all the action.

2015-08-05 12.16.24

Like something off a TV programme, just as the day was finishing the local fire brigade turned up. A queue quickly formed for a sit inside and chat to the firemen.

2015-08-05 14.07.03
Coming up this weekend are Heritage Open Days, when we take the historical part of our park to the local church and join in their display. This will be a chance to talk about our protected King George V field that makes us part of Fields in Trust. It will also be a chance to update everyone on our Heritage Lottery Funded work, and how the park is about to enter a new exciting phase.


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