Heritage and History

DSCN8097 (2)

The past week has been rather historical.

On Wednesday 9th September those of Tunbridge Wells Writers who had been involved in the book Something in the Water held a launch evening in Waterstones Tunbridge Wells.

Book launch 2

We managed to attract a sizeable audience for half an hour of readings, with wine and book sales thrown in. The book has taken a while to get here, but with December approaching, if you are looking for a book written by unknowns from Kent and Sussex, about famous authors from Kent and Sussex, for someone’s Christmas present – this could be just what you were looking for. Test for free first if you want…


The weekend was Heritage Open Days weekend. Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park joined in at St Barnabas Church, with a large display on the local area, which was mainly Victorian industrial. St Barnabas School held a reunion as part of their weekend, with lots of people coming along to the Church afterwards. The weekend probably generated more life stories than the book by the Writer’s Group….

DSCN8094 (2)

On Sunday we took our eldest son back to university in Bath. Last time we walked around the Regency sights, this time we went along a slightly more industrial wander, and constantly compare the two spa towns of Bath and Tunbridge Wells.

DSCN8087 (2)

Although there are similarities, Bath definitely has everything on a grander scale.

DSCN8101 (2)

With the heritage and history done, the theme for the coming week is ‘talks’

Why Conifers?

Bob Dylan and the History of Rock’n’Roll


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