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Today was a little reminder why I started facebook (to find a long lost friend), twitter (to promote a business) and a blog ( to store and share history and information). Yesterday was a reminder why I never started instagram, tumblr etc (it’s all very time consuming).

I’ve just shared facebook and twitter details for a new business that is opening at the weekend. Some of the staff at The Chandelier and Mirror Company are customers of ours, so having followed their progress in ‘real life’ it seemed a good idea to look at them in the virtual world.

The real world has been all around us lately, with people in little boats crossing seas in search of safety, security, and better lives. It is the sort of thing that’s gone on for centuries, boats are used for fleeing or conquering. I was thinking of writing a poem but I haven’t. Instead I turned up on Saturday at The Forum – along with a lot of other volunteers – to help sort donations for RefugEase , the first of which are now on their way to help people.


We were all completely overwhelmed by the level of donations on Saturday, but during the time allotted everyone pulled together to get things sorted and sent off to local warehouses, before being taken abroad.


Along with cake, tea and coffee stalls, a busker and friendship-bracelet making, money was raised to help pay for the fuel costs for the delivery of aid. The first trip has taken out perishable goods, and there are regular updates on what is happening.

My other activity for the weekend was the evening with Michael Gray about ‘Bob Dylan and the History of Rock’n’Roll’. Back in April I was assigned the task of looking after and promoting the evening. It was very interesting work, as Michael lived in Tunbridge Wells in the 1970s/80s during a brief time as manager of Gerry Rafferty.

DSCN8134 (3)

Once we got all the chairs and church pews out, it seemed just the right amount of tickets had been sold for an intimate evening of talk, video and audio clips.

Both these events had attracted press attention, and I do feel I’ve been in the papers a bit too much this month. Even a ‘shout out’ in St Barnabas Church. I’m hoping for a quieter October. Meanwhile – just a plug for Thursday 24th September….

Javabean RYW 3

This social media is handy isn’t it?


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