A poem for Gareth aka Thoughts on the obituary of The Rev Ken Leech

DSCN8144 (3)

Gareth wants me to write a poem,

I know it won’t scan,

Or rhyme,

Because back in 1980,

That was the big trouble,

(Well, there were other troubles, but that was mine).


I thought,

What would I write about?

Love, children, the heart and things?

The sun, the moon, the stars and things?

Politics, religion, money and things?

Cats, dogs, hamsters and things?

Made up unicorns, monsters and things?

The woman down the road,

The man in the shop,

Spaghetti hoops… and things?


In 1980

It was all politics,

and New Romantics.

Oh, and Adam Ant.


It was homeless people in London,

Starving people in Africa,

Unemployed people in the UK,

And Margaret Thatcher.


It was marching,

Buying things in Oxfam,

Be a vegetarian,

Go to a jumble sale,

Ban the bomb,

Tape songs off the radio.




It’s probably not that different now,

When people sail across the sea,

Trying to get a better life.

Or sleep in a shop doorway,

On old cardboard boxes,

Opposite the nightclub.

Are we heartless as we drive past,

In a massive 4×4,

Buy a slab of cake in Juliets,

And ignore it all?


Close the mines,

Close the steel works,

The Rev Ken Leech,

Lived in a garret in Whitechapel,

A community theologian,

Founded Centrepoint,

Championed good causes.

Thirty-five years on from secondary school,

I find,

The world keeps going round,

The sun, the moon, the stars,

And all it’s politics, religion and love.

But poetry won’t change that.

DSCN8162 (6)

(With thanks to Super Blood Moon and Water on Mars … or Is there life on Mars? )

This ‘poem’ exists purely as a way to not decide what poetry to write.


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