“What did you do?”

“What did you do last week then?”

“There was a park committee meeting on Wednesday. That was quite interesting as both The Hub, cafe and playground are nearly finished.”

“Oh great! Have you got any photos?”

“No, not yet, it still looks a bit like a building site.”

“Was that all you did, all week?”

“Oh, no. Thursday I went down to The Ragged Trousers to chat about Forum stuff, and making another Blam! fanzine.”


“Did you seriously ask vegetarians about a Ham Festival? I mean, what is a Ham Festival anyway?”

“I did, but only because I emailed all the questions in one go. I’ll have to buy them a pumpkin when they come along on Thursday. We got to try some food and drink on Friday though – went to see the newly refurbished Assembly Hall.”



“Looks good.”

“It’s lovely; and a busy week in Tunbridge Wells – a new exhibition opened in the Museum Art Gallery, all about The Salomon family.”

“Was that interesting?”

“Yes, but I might go back and read some of it again. It was a nice, sunny day on Saturday, seemed a shame to be inside.”

“Um, looks like the end of the late summer weather now.”

“Yep, bit dark this morning, hope they get the work in the park finished.”

“Then we have The Puppetry Festival coming up this Saturday.”

“Hope the weather’s good for that, looks like a busy day.”


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