November 2015

November was a varied month of music at The Forum. Added to which I was working on a printed version of ‘Blam!’ to go out in December, so I was thinking about shows coming up in 2016.

There were new stage lights installed, following on from discussions at Venues Day in October, as well as work in the garden to try and decrease the mud.. and a new till and a card machine, as the cash-point opposite was closed down.

Some bands got their first chance to play The Forum, some developing bands showcased their new work, and there were a few ‘bigger’ ‘established’ ‘touring’ acts in.

I ended up running the Merch-desk for China Crisis until they came off stage to sign CDs.

However saying the words ‘Merch-desk’ is hard, as the month was dominated by events in Paris, particularly at the Bataclan Concert Hall. The attacks happened on the evening of Standard Lamps gig, and we were all blissfully unaware of what was happening. I don’t want other people’s opinions to change my life-style, but I hesitated at saying yes to volunteering on the Merch-desk, partly because of Nick Alexander.

But, currently, life does go on, and one interesting evening was Lectures, supported by Joeythin. Lectures are familiar faces in The Forum as they have been working bar-shifts in exchange for rehearsal-space. Which, I have to say, is one thing that sets apart an Independent Music Venue from a pub with some bands on now and again…. Joeythin are quite familiar faces too.


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