Writing in December 2015

At the beginning of December I rashly decided I would read this poem at the Word Up! event. This was partly to get this out the way, so people would stop asking when I was going to read.

Vote-wise I didn’t get anywhere and could then enjoy the other slammers, and guest poet Adam Kammerling. I’ve also had a story in the Tunbridge Wells Writers Christmas Countdown as well as this poem, inspired by the wide range of stories under the theme of ‘presents’.


Things you really wanted and got,
They are in the top slot.

Things you didn’t know
You wanted at all;
But are just what you want,
Come second, a close call.
(Slaves mug.)

Some presents are just

Secret Santa,
Grotto Santa,
The true Santa,
No rhyme Santa.

Now it’s tricky,
The ones that require
A polite smiling face,
Looking full of desire.




The things you don’t want,
Worse still,
Things you actually hate,
Make you ill.

In the cupboard,
Off to charity shop,
Mass consumerism,
Will it ever stop?



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