Quite a lot has happened since the last blog (eighteen days, so… obviously…) but the main event was the week which has become Independent Venue Week. This was the third one.

Let’s say another major event was I got a new phone. Now lots of photos are on my phone and floating around the internet, and not so safely contained on camera > laptop system. But I was aiming to photograph every band who played at The Forum during the week. That was 15. It was due to fail at some stage (the last night).

Each night was different to the night before it. Sunday the 24th January had seen Lucy Rose play a special birthday party gig for The Forum’s 23rd, following that IVW6 headliners were: Terror (American hardcore, on tour) Eliza and the Bear (indie, on tour) A Celebration of the Life of David Bowie (local musicians and guests) The Breretons (folk rock, one off local gig) The Pillows (rock and roll covers, one off local gig).

I end the week with a variety of questions, and I don’t know if I have the answers..

However, for each unanswered question, for every newspaper, TV, blog, radio, magazine report, article, piece debating music and venues, there is a little glimmer of light, shining through the crack in the door…

For example, at the end of Eliza and the Bear night I went to buy a £2 CD from support band Slowlights – we got chatting because they’d noticed me taking photos, and we had a chat about twitter, and the tour. They admitted the tour was harder than expected, even though for the first part they were yo-yo-ing between home in London and the gigs. Well, we were chatting at 11pm, so I can only guess what time they got back home and to bed… but when I got home I had a think about our local band Get Inuit who were also out touring for IVW16. It felt a bit like everyone was out, touring and watching, and supporting each other along the way. There are still ‘young’ people out there who want to put up with a week or two on the road gigging, performing, getting live feedback. There are still enough venues left AT THE MOMENT for the distance between them ‘doable’ for a tour.

The light glimmered again at The Breretons when two gentleman in the audience clapped and left at the end of last number, then returned with smiles on their faces when they realised there was an encore.

Other things happened during last week – like the first gig of Rainbow Chamber in The Sussex Arms basement, and a workshop/meeting about West Kent’s Culture, I even went to see the film ‘The Lady in the van’… that turned out to be about music too. No escaping.

Not til the Fat Lady sings…


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