The Walled Nursery, Hawkhurst

It’s been several years since I started following The Walled Nursery on twitter, and several times I thought about driving from Tunbridge Wells to Hawkhurst for a visit – Finally made it yesterday!

The nursery can be found nestling alongside Saint Ronan’s School, and their website provides much information on history, including the story of Oxo and The Gunther Family as well as the whole Tongswood Estate . The 13 glasshouses date from the Victorian era, and form the backdrop to the nursery plant sales. Marvellous structures, they would have provided grapes, peaches, melons and much more for the residents of Tongswood in it’s heyday.

The glasshouses are now in need of some TLC, following a period of lack of maintenance after World War 2 , and the current owners, Emma and Monty, have been trying to conserve what is left, since moving in during 2010.

Worth a visit to buy some plants, accessories, and to enjoy the surroundings, there are also sponsorship opportunities, as well as events and a help-yourself-cafe during the warmer months. Not featured here, but also play ‘count the cats’, and marvel at the size of the conifer in the car park.



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