The walk……

While I miss seeing Caroline around Tunbridge Wells, it will be interesting to follow her blog. I’m also going to try and write mine more often after a long lapse…


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Hi folks, for nearly a year I have been trying to set up a blog, mainly as I wanted to blog about two of the biggest changes that was about to happen to me. Being 40 something, and living in a town that is fast being a suburb of London, I was about to get married (for the first time) and move to the rural Dorset coast. I didn’t move to what I call fairyland until my wedding week, and to add to the excitement I had never lived with my now husband, very traditional.

I wanted to blog about how different my life had become since taking these two huge steps. So what stopped me you may ask? One of things I had to get used to in fairyland is there is no, and yes I really mean no mobile signal in the village I live. On top of…

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