Based on a chat I had at Venues Day 2014 with the lovely owner (at that time) of The Troubadour in London, and hearing a busker in Tunbridge Wells .


A conflict of interests

When the man in town

Playing his guitar loudly

Is getting me down


I feel I am forced

To hear the sound

When all I am doing is

Walking around


I love an evening

Going out, listening to music

But the thing is then

You get to choose-it


I hate being told what to do

Maybe a dislike of busking

Comes from that clue


He is making me listen

The amp is turned up high

I’d like to say “Shut up,

Go away – GOODBYE.”


Unfair he can do this

Much like someone

Can buy a house or flat

No thought of what’s to come


Moan the pub

Has outside diners

Sitting at home

The residents become winers


Staying in every evening

They become more cross

But they don’t think

“Let’s talk to the boss.”


They write many letters

To the Council Town Hall

Saying “It’s ANNOYING”

They are fed up with it all


Two people at home

Hearing chatter at night

Can be enough to close

A business out-right


Our town centre busker

Will just pack up and go

Where will he turn the amp up next?

I don’t know







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