Walking the Common

I feel it’s always better to work together, rather than in competition, and one of my highest read posts on my old blog was the year a new ‘Tunbridge Wells Festival’ pitched up the same weekend as the existing Local and Live. So today I had a walk around Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons, to track the common (boom tish!) link between Unfest and Rusthall Arts Festival . I wanted to see how long it would take to walk from Church Road to Daily Bread, and then back down to The Forum and The Pantiles. I probably shouldn’t have stopped for so many photos and facebook updates along the way, but it’s do-able in 4o minutes, probably less. Blue skies and bird song helped, or did they hinder as that’s what I was taking photos of!

At Daily Bread I met a couple of the RAFT organisers – Karen and Glenn – and over coffee and date slice we chatted about the aims and objectives of each festival, and what the common themes were. We’ve come up with a few cross over projects for this year, and while Unfest is very music based, and Rusthall will be mainly art and literature, there is scope for more ideas next year, particularly with the Common linking both places.

It was then back down Rusthall’s Tarry Path, and onto Tunbridge Wells Common, past the cricket pitch, and down to The Forum . The reason for the walk will become apparent nearer to the late May Bank Holiday weekend… in fact (despite the fact I have a car) someone offered me a lift and I said “NO! I have to walk!”. Both Commons have their own characters, and each are worth exploring without a festival at either end. If you are interested in anything Rusthall based, they have started already, with a wide range of workshops. The focus of Unfest will be on the 27th – 30th May, but a slight connection begins on 28th April at Tunbridge Wells Museum with the Art Gallery exhibition linking up to The Sussex Arms pub. Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to my facebook or twitter pages may have spotted ‘Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern’… but that’s another walk…



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