Bizarre ramblings. A lack of sleep but no lack of ideas:


It’s Saturday morning and I’ve had about four hours sleep. For someone who is as old as I don’t wish to disclose I am, perhaps I shouldn’t be going to Hip Hop nights. This, these days, is a very neglected blog, but today this is for Joe.


Another year has passed, it’s almost Unfest, look  another BLAM! is out. (Thanks Pat) I’ve taken on four projects for unfest – and the first one starts on Tuesday in Perk & Pearl coffee shop. But I’m not writing this for that Joe. I’m also hosting “Unfest in the Museum” on Saturday 28th May – one of the acts are The Ackerleys but I’m not writing for that Joe either. I don’t know if any Joes are playing at “Blam vs The Stinger” in The Sussex Arms, or if anyone called Joe will write a “Postcard From The Hedge” poem . But I do know, in the past five years I’ve made myself very busy. But it’s good to be busy. dd54ba928785d87ba067344366321acf

Holly Hobbie said so.

Carolyn Blam Art

When I talked to Joe last night, I said, I don’t believe there is anywhere else to go after this world, so determined to make the most of this while here – from Hip Hop nights to crazy conversations with a load of guys – what more is there? Do it now, cos you might be run over by a bus tomorrow.

Such a heavenly way to die

From Holly Hobbie to The Smiths in five minutes, just think in real life that took five years…. There is a light, and it never goes out.


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