“One Day in May”

Back in April I blogged about my walk over The Common from Tunbridge Wells to Rusthall and back. Part of the conclusion of this walk is now available to view in Perk & Pearl (Grove Hill Road).

Peppy Scott, David Smith and myself met up in The Sussex Arms at the end of March to discuss a writing project for Unfest 2016 . It has evolved into a writing and art exhibition project, in Perk & Pearl for a week, and also printed in Blam! fanzine. It also includes an interactive postcard element “Postcards From The Hedge” to encourage others to write, and draw.

After hours of work at home, endless facebook messages, and another beer meeting, it took an incredible two hours to hang up today. You might like to know that you can buy blue-tac in Sainsburys in The Great Hall; and also that a new window display has gone in Perk & Pearl to fund raise for Calverley Grounds Adventure Playground. It was a busy morning in the (closed) coffee shop! What we really hope is the rest of the week will be busy. We hope people will go in and have a look, write us a postcard, buy some coffee or tea.

Peppy and I hope to spend some time ‘on site’ during the week, as we don’t have a private view night, and the Postcard From The Hedge project carries on in The Forum over Unfest weekend. While this isn’t a special Tunbridge Wells Writers project, we did all meet via the group. We also hope there can be a second lot of “FestFiction” as the tale isn’t finished….


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