Ink and brown paper.

The reason I didn’t want a lift to Rusthall back in April? To take photos, for the art as part of “One Day In May”.

For my story, the couple live in Rusthall , and walk across The Commons in Rusthall and Tunbridge Wells to get to The Forum. I did the same walk again yesterday to drop some things to The Daily Bread. I wanted to take photos of the same views now all the leaves have un-furled. However, along the Tarry Path, there was a man loitering by the bin. So I didn’t do that one.

It was funny looking at the views again, having got to know them so well through the paintings.

The one that is the back entrance to The Forum was the hardest for me. I felt it was a needed painting, but I struggled with the logs… There were also another three rejected pictures, partly due to how our thoughts on the exhibition progressed as we worked on the stories and art.

It was good to have a reason to paint again, much as the TW Writers group has given me a reason to write.

One Day in May , at Perk and Pearl Coffee Company gallery, for Unfest 2016


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