Unsocial Media

Today was a day off, and I walked around Tunbridge Wells delivering copies of BLAM! Fanzine ahead of Unfest this weekend. Blam was The Forum fanzine for a long time before I was around, but it’s good to have it back a couple of times a year. It’s also good to go around and talk to people about what’s going on.

My ‘midway break but not really in the middle’ was at Perk & Pearl to see how our exhibition was going. Well, none of the frames have crashed off the wall onto the floor…. Joe from Perk & Pearl, Caroline from Calverley Adventure Playground and myself had a cake, coffee and tweet session. Mike from Hop House Design came down to have a look which was nice, and we discussed social media, mobile phones, instagram and periscope.

The other photos I took today have all gone up on twitter and Instagram, I encouraged shop and café owners to hold their copies of Blam and smile. The photos above are from the more reluctant places! It’s a bit odd to have a print copy and then share on social media…

But have had a good periscope idea for Saturday. That’s just a case of “charge up your batteries” – it’s all very draining this social media…


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