Four Days in May

Sunshine. Postboxes. Washing Lines. Bone Shack. Cyrano. Night Without Sleep. Dead Ceremony. Joeyfat. Lectures. Vodka. Late Night.

Early Morning. Rain. Paul Cheese. Velocipede. Coffee. Bicycle Bakery. Museum. Art Gallery. Three hours. Sunshine. Lunch on the run. The Sussex Arms Basement. No band. Late. Six bands. DJs Dancing. In, out, up, down, hot, full, empty, out. Paul Cheese. Wax. Sense of Pride. Tidy up. Bombay Monkey. Forum. Beer. Relax. Late Night.

Sunshine. Coffee. Upload Photos. Coffee. Go out. Forum. Art. Rusthall. Walk. Art. Toad Rock. Trees. Poetry. Coffee. Art. Return. Dinnertime. The Bedford. Ukelear Fallout. Hot. Out, cool down. Walk. Hear Alex Beharrell in the distance. Sussex Mews is dancing. Forum is waiting. Evening to night. Dusk comes. Music plays. Late night.

Lie in. Sleep well. Stress gone. Final day. Wake up. Cloudy. Chilly. Chilled. Chill. Postcards. Sussex Mews. Wine. Gloves and scarf. May. Mike Wilton. Ant and Fie. The Breaks. Crisps. Write a Thank You. Billy Jupp. Good Ship Band. To the end. To the unsunset. To 2017.


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