Unfest at the Museum

This idea became one without me. It was part of the original talks about The Sussex Arms pub being the featured Tavern in ‘Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern’ at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. However, as everyone else set about booking acts for The Forum and co-coordinating venues, posters, t shirts, sunglasses, wristbands… I took over booking and arranging The Museum. Not strictly true, as we were in the Art Gallery, but after Night at the Museum, it does sound more dramatic.

Paul Cheese was already pencilled in, as part of his ten stop tour of the area on the day, with everything strapped on his bike. The Writers were also pencilled in, having moved out of The Sussex Arms in a 2pm slot. I think they were saved, it’s a tad dark down there for reading your poems, if you haven’t learnt them by heart… The other four slots I basically attacked with “Who’s friends on Facebook, goes to other people’s gigs at The Forum, and is willing to do this for nothing in front of an unknown audience.” Part two there was quite an important part. If you want to be remembered – try to be around for more than just your own shows….

I’d already met with Museum staff and we had decided where our unstage would be, and we both shared out posters, flyers, tweets and Facebook posts. A lot of people came as part of the Paul Cheese trail! and there was a lot of support amongst the Writers. Between times, we had a mix of friends, family, and passers by. The performance area on the far side gave people the chance to wander in the door for a few seconds, and maybe venture in further, some people just had a look at the exhibition.

It was good for both Unfest and Museum to have that overlap of visitors, which is very much the ethos of Unfest – discover something new. It worked very well with this exhibition, as there was a lot of space. Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern is on until the 3rd September, so maybe chance for another round of guitars and words? Please leave a comment below – would love to know what people think!

And finally – a few Writers…

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