Blam vs Stinger Round 3

In brief. Time has passed. Memories fade. Sunshine days to Sussex Arms basement.

Through the eyes of Blam the preparation for this event seemed full of minor, but annoying problems. The basis of Unfest is a free festival, offering music and art to everyone. This means, performers perform for free, goodwill abounds, and hopefully people discover a new favourite band, then pay £5 to see them at The Forum sometime in the following year. It has been hard to convince bands from Hastings of this worth though, with the time and money in travelling involved. So thanks to the two who did: Alibi and Jamie Smart (with band). A new Tunbridge Wells band Purple Stains were eager to take on the un-filled “Stinger Mag” slot for their début show. For Blam we had Rainbow Chamber playing their second show and a basement slot for Joeythin, who until now have had the space of The Forum for their creative sides. ( Joeyfat had the Forum slot for Unfest). The third slot was taken by a new Maidstone band Getlip who purely got their booking when Blam tried to book the drummer’s two-piece (now former) band in a “Ha! let’s book three two-piece bands, how clever are we!” move. Getlip were  a rousing start to the afternoon…

Problems? Bands pulling out, bands changing names, hiring backline, getting posters, bands turning up… It was a relief to get to the end of the evening. At least we didn’t have the power cut-outs of 2015, and Freddie was a very capable engineer for the event.

Now we are after a trip to the seaside, and taking Blam to Hastings. Hoping we can get Rainbow Chamber there, and one other Tunbridge Wells band. Also hoping we can get Forum gigs for Getlip and Purple Stains – here’s to the future.

Blam vs Stinger Round 4 – here we come…

Thanks to Audiocrew for backline hire.


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