The Lapsed Blogger


Is it sad or happy to think that four years ago I was blogging on a daily basis? As, if I don’t have time to blog for a whole month… life now must be full, busy and contented! Probably; Maybe. Juggling balls and spinning plates.

So much has happened in the past month, it is beyond blogging. Here are some photos from the community orchard in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, on a sunny morning last week. This coming Saturday (16th July) The Working horse Trust return to move some more logs into the orchard for seating. Heritage Lottery Funded work continues in the park, with the wetlands still not finished, and further work needed on the paths.

In other news, I’m still tweeting for The Forum. After today’s breakfast meeting I did wonder if I should assemble my own personal mission statement, as I take on more voluntary work. It’s something along the lines of… Realising a life long love of music needed repaying by trying to push forward new music to new audiences, a rather selfish view of thinking other people should enjoy the sounds I enjoy and the musicians performing them deserve to be heard by more people. There’s no photo to back this up, but I had to smile last Saturday in Tunbridge Wells town centre. In the space of two minutes I walked past a lady in a Slaves tshirt, then a man in a Standard Lamps tshirt. See, I’m so pleased I banged on about these bands three years ago… Keep banging the drum.

That said, something else from the past month… I’ve finished reading Adam Ant’s autobiography, kept on with The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, written a second part to our Unfest Tale and hosted two poetry events. That’s why I’m The Lapsed Blogger.


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