Saint John’s Yard

A sunny afternoon yesterday saw the conclusion of a month of messaging, emails and planning. My Writers’ Group meet at Saint John’s Yard and Adrian, the manager, had mentioned their Beer, Cider and Music Festival when I was handing out  Unfest Blam promotion in May.

I had slightly forgotten about the festival, until I received a  mixture of messages and emails at the end of June. So it ended up that Alex from Forum Sunday Sessions took on the Festival Saturday for a six hour DJ session, and I booked in some bands for the Sunday.

I was very fortunate to have James Wilson, a volunteer at The Forum, to sort out PA hire and he engineered the sound for the day, and we borrowed a drum kit from Tunbridge Wells Music School which saved a lot of bother for the acts. We had the whole far end of the garden to set up, with a corner as a ‘green room’. The favourable weather meant the garden was busy before the music started, and stayed packed all afternoon.

I can’t say that the day went without hiccups… one act was unable to come due to illness, and another was greatly cut down from a 5 piece to a 3 piece.

It was quite a learning curve for me, a step up from four acts at Unfest, or organising a poetry night. Yes, there’s probably some things I would have done differently… but it as good to introduce some Forum acts to a new audience, and I think we also brought along some new customers to the pub. The beer, cider and food all seemed to go down well, and I’m pleased there are enough festively people in Tunbridge Wells to also keep Alex busy down at The Forum Sunday Sessions. More of that all through the summer…. 600003 13248531_10154358129894674_5363839938520261525_o




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