Lectures and Otzeki

Odd title? It’s a gig, a show, an event, it’s two bands:


It was the other day, so you have missed it, unless you were there.

If you were there, it was pretty memorable. I had heard at the beginning of the week that Lectures had set their instruments up in the centre of the room, with the plan that the audience would stand all around – even walk around as the set was going on. Fortunately ticket sales were on a level where this was comfortable, although I nearly tripped over a pile of wires and a keyboard stand-leg while walking around filming a phone video:

Most people were sensible, and stayed in one place. Support came from London cousins Otzeki  who are a electronic dance rock duo.

Who were brilliant – watch the short video clip of  Touch

A short change over, during which the singer from Otzeki put his shoes and socks back on, and the drummer from Lectures took his off… and Lectures ‘took to the stage’. Opening with the incredible ‘Every Colour’ from their recently released EP the hard work the band has put into rehearsing, writing and developing their sound over the past two years really showed during the whole set. The central floor setting suited the event, and following on from a floor show the previous week, headlined by Lily and Jessie Denning , makes one question the desire of people to stand at the back of a massive festival field watching tiny figures on a distant stage.

Much more ‘up and coming’ music in the next few months at The Forum including the Bay Rays and Declan McKenna, as well as some more off the wall events like Hip Hop Jam on the 9th December, and Rotten Hill Gang + DJ Don Letts in January. The Forum has also collaborated with The Assembly Hall Theatre to bring music to the Ice Rink in Calverley Grounds this winter. The ice rink opens on Friday 18th November, full details on their website.


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