Winter Sessions


As we enter December, we have had three of the four Forum Winter Sessions at The Ice Rink. All is going well, last night saw Lily and Jessie Denning (above) as well as The Ackerleys and Mike Wilton (below).

There’s a very cosy atmosphere due to the log cabin effect (although I had to delete some photos as the reindeer antlers appeared out of a musician’s head…). The red lights make it look cosy too, but also make the musician’s faces glow…

Music wise, The Forum selected a range of artists, and so far they have all gone down well. Next week opens with Paul Cheese, followed by an acoustic set from Youth, and a headline from Cyrano. The evening will also be the first of a nine day Christmas run for The Forum. Tom Chaplin and Drenge have both sold out, and a couple of the other shows are also looking they will go that way. With news that Declan McKenna is on the longlist for BBC Sound of 2017, and another Forum regular, Rag N Bone Man, winning Brits Critics’ Choice Award 2017, it is a continuing confirmation that the work put in by staff and volunteers at grassroots music venues is still helping build the music of the future.



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