History thoughts

Last night I accidentally watched The Search for the Lost Manuscript which if you don’t find this in time for iplayer you may need to find elsewhere . From there I have been thinking about the life of women in medieval times and after finding that website monsters as well as the arts .

There’s also been a bit of looking at Belgian refugees in WW1 Tunbridge Wells where I am dabbling around in the background, seeing if anything I already have about the town relates in anyway to buildings and lifestyle at the time. Today was about Weekes (now Hoopers), although a couple of weeks ago it was a convent school.

During that my cousin sent a very old family photo through on Facebook, as we attempted to put names to faces from a wedding 100 years ago. While still collecting Forum memories (although I have some help with that now).

Although I’m not religious, the real life story of Julian of Norwich has made me think about the life of women at the time (1342-c.1416) . It was suggested that women who did not wish to endure marriage and childbirth would become nuns, also women who wished to have the chance to read and write, rather than solely live a life of domestic and work duties! Julian, like Joan of Arc , saw visions, which inspired her to take a change in life. It will be easiest to follow the link and read her life story! Meanwhile, skip forward to WW1, and the people in my family photo, and women were fighting to get the vote, and be equal. That’s 500 years later.

I had also been reading about Princess Charlotte and King William IV, which was for a writing project, one that may be more complicated than I thought… but both of them great people – but what if Charlotte had lived…



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