Different views

A February afternoon walk around a grey and muddy Grosvenor and Hilbert Park looking at some recent changes – a mass of graffiti, and the boardwalk and wicker fencing in the woods. The legal graffiti wall has had a mixed reaction. It has been well used, then last week someone/some people tagged on the sponsored mural, ruining the Wind in the Willow picture. This is as well as other tagging in the park, all in areas that have been used in the past for graffiti – picture below from July 2011:


It was hoped that having a legal wall would contain the graffiti. The actual railway bridge has been treated with anti-graffiti paint, making it easy to clean, and generally the skate park is ignored by the powers that be. (photos from November 2016)

Sadly the local residents aren’t as welcoming as those who walk past the Southbank skate area in London, and local artists not proving as pictorial as some photos I’ve seen of Iceland and amazing artwork on the sides of buildings. So, currently trying to keep park users of all ages and views happy. We are hoping some work can be done on the main mural to please the local community, and the taggers encouraged to confine themselves to the legal wall.


Meanwhile, we have been checking out the price of spray paint in Wilko “if you can’t beat them, join them.”


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