Unfest 2017

How amiss. Two weeks have passed and there has been no blog mention of Unfest 2017.

Now to dredge up memories. Hot sunshine, to late night rain. Tea, coffee and biscuits in The Museum, to falafel wraps at The Forum. Introducing poets, selling merchandise. Bucket drummers and Mark Morriss. Not together! Joeyfat, Joeythin, Wax, Lectures, Lady Bird, Dead Ceremony. Glassmaps, Jellyskin. Paul Cheese. The sounds of Kent. An app. Small girls buying badges. Hunter’s Loaf. In and out, back and forth. Tweets and photos. Postcards. Vinyl. Catch up, chat, hug, dash. The cyclist whose chain came off his bike at the roundabout. Sirens. Chinese takeaway. Josh Doyle, TWUNTS.

What did I forget?


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